Why Choose Amida

As one of the leading toner cartridge suppliers in Sri Lanka, Amida always gives you the BEST. We supply world-class toners that are compatible with any modern printer & photocopier. Our high-quality toners save your time and money in the long run.

 With over 16 years of experience in manufacturing toners for businesses, Amida produces toners through scientific quality control. Our products' high-quality comes at affordable rates, saving big money for businesses and organizations.

 Printing has become one of the prime tasks in the business world today. Even in Sri Lanka, many thousands of printing machines produce millions of printed images and documents every year. A toner cartridge supplier in Sri Lanka should have the capacity to deal with this high-volume market, and we have it.

 We directly import products from our parent toner cartridge manufacturer in China, Zhuhai Jialianxin Imaging Products Co., Ltd. Outstanding quality, up-to-date with market trends, and uncompromising customer focus are the features of our toner manufacturer.

 Broadest Product Range: We are one of the few toner cartridge suppliers in Sri Lanka that provide toners at large scales. Whether you need toners for laser printers or multifunction photocopiers, we have it all:

  1. Laser printer consumables
  2. Laser multi-function consumables
  3. Copier consumables
  4. Multi-function copier consumables

 Under each product category, we supply black and color toner cartridges. Moreover, our toners are compatible with any versions and brands of printers.

Our Trusted Quality: When compared to other toner cartridge suppliers in Sri Lanka, we have the best collection of quality certificates. Millions of businesses across the world trust Amida products because of this unbeatable quality. ISO9001, ISO14001, STMC Certificate, and Patent Certificates are the proofs of Amida‚Äôs high-quality 

Your expensive and modern printer deserves the best toner cartridges, and we can supply you with the BEST.

 How We Deliver Products: Amida's fast delivery service to your doorstep gives you peace of mind in many ways. You don't need to worry over running out of cartridges in the middle of a busy day. You can place your orders through our website, and we deliver ASAP.

We help you maintain the right amount of stocks 365 days a year.

You need an excellent toner supplier in Sri Lanka to run your business smoothly. At Amida, we supply superclass toner cartridges at affordable rates, and we deliver the products right to your doorstep. You can track your order once you place it.

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